[Foundation] New steps, moving forward

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Thu Aug 8 23:14:57 CDT 2002

Jeremie wrote:
> I'm very excited to announce the results of some ongoing work to help
> jabber move forward even faster than before.
> First of all, I've been working closely with Jabber, Inc. on multiple
> things over the past few weeks, things that we all agree it is time for
> and will help the project, community, and everyone involved to start
> evolving and growing in new ways.  Here I'll outline the progress being
> made and results on much of this.
> The first major step forward is Jabber, Inc.'s sponsorship of my work.
> We're ready to start taking the next step, transitioning from my
> relationship as an employee to that of a sponsorship.  The goal is for
> this to happen by virtue of a grant to the JSF, subject to approval by the
> JSF Board.  This is an important development, and means the growing
> relationship between the myself, the JSF, JINC, and the rest of the
> community is very clear and open.  It also is an opportunity for the JSF
> to strengthening it's position, and can create a precedent that opens the
> door for other grants and sponsorships to follow.

Execellent news! I hope this also resulted in a pay hike for you. So 
whatcha making now, 50 G's a year? Oh, no? Well, you deserve it.

/me starts a petition to Jabber Inc to increase Jer's sponsorship to 
50,000/year  :-)

> The second and more important action is progress regarding the handling of
> the Jabber Trademark.  Much of the past concern, often from our friends in
> the legal world, is the ability of the JSF to properly manage and
> administer the trademark.  In the past this was clearly justified, the JSF
> isn't even a year old, the processes set forth in the bylaws for managing
> the technical aspects (jeps, members, council, etc) are only recently
> stabilizing and actively progressing.  Other concerns are that the
> existing Board (myself included) has been less active during this first
> year, and the management of the foundation needs to mature and demonstrate
> it's leadership.
> I've been collaborating with JINC, specifically Tony Bamonti, VP of Open
> Alliances and Standards, and learning quickly about trademark
> administration and the importance surrounding it for our community.  In
> order to make progress, the important work to be done here is ultimately
> within the JSF, and beginning to build a framework capable of managing
> what "Jabber" means.  This involves handling applications for the usages,
> levels of standards compliance, testing, and resolving issues as they
> arise.  Once this begins with the JabberPowered mark, then realistic
> progress can be made surrounding the administration of the Jabber
> trademark itself within the JSF.

This is a good plan. I personally believe that one of the things I can 
do for the JSF and the trademark effort is to go out and bring in more 
corporate sponsors. More money is only part of the solution, but it's 
the part I'd be best at. Advocacy and all. That's the big reason I am 
aiming for the Board: to be in an official position that executives will 
recognize in order to promote Jabber and bring in funding.

	Vote for Theo!

> Many of these things will take time, as they involve multiple entities,
> community feedback, and often legal opinions.  This will all also have to
> build upon the upcoming elections for the Council and particularly the
> Board, being some of the first actions to discuss once the new groups
> conveine.  This is one of the most exciting and significant steps forward,
> I'm very eager to set a new pace and make some new progress within the JSF
> and our community.

Yes, I think most of us realize it will take time. It's not a thing that 
can be done overnight, no matter the resources or number of volunteers 
we have. Thanks, Jer!

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