[Foundation] Text Conferencing Ammendment

bauer at michaelbauer.com bauer at michaelbauer.com
Thu Aug 15 11:35:37 CDT 2002

There has been some continual confusion over whether we can use Jabber to 
actually have some of these meetings.  I'd like to try and end that 
confusion for meetings of the Members:

I propose that the Board of Directors approve the addition of the 
following sentence to the end of the existing paragraph for Section 3.1 
Place of Meetings in the Jabber Software Foundation By-Laws.

"Text conferencing is an approved form of remote communication provided 
all participants communicate with one another through the text 

Note a couple of things about this statement.  First, the caveat that all 
participants have to communicate with one another through the conference.
This seems a little redundant but it's important because you can't have 
some people talking on the phone and others talking in the text 

Second, note that this does NOT necessarily apply to a meeting of the 
Board of Directors.  I think that those meetings must still be conducted 
over the phone at a minimum.  Resolving whether the Board can use text 
conferencing is not nearly as important right now.

Michael Bauer     bauer at michaelbauer.com       http://www.michaelbauer.com

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