[Foundation] Text Conferencing Ammendment

Ragavan S ragavans at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 15 22:12:44 CDT 2002

>Ben is absolutely right.  This is coming down to a simple risk/reward
>calcuation.  If it's the consensus of everyone that no, it's far too risky
>to have the possibility of someone spoofing someone else in a text
>conference for a Jabber Software Foundation meeting - even if votes are
>taking through something a bit more secure like memberbot, then fine.  We
>don't get the reward of having the convenience of people to participate in
>this manner.  If they're overseas, they'll just have to spring for the
>potentially hundreds of dollars it could cost to participate in a
>teleconference for an overseas phone call.  I personally don't care
>because I'm going to attend the meeting in person.  I was just trying to
>make it easier for people to participate while at the same time I seemed
>to be making it harder to do so by advocating that we stick a bit more to
>the by-laws.
>This isn't a National (U.S.) Security conference.  It's just a Jabber

Any reason we cannot (yet again) take a leaf out of those who have been 
there, done that.. like the Apache/GNOME foundations? They have a pretty 
geographically dispersed community much like ours and have probably thought 
about this. I did a quick drive-by the apache/gnome sites, but wasn't able 
to pick up this bit of information; I am sure though, someone like Dirk 
would be able to throw some light.

Just a thought,

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