[Foundation] Text Conferencing Ammendment

Ragavan S ragavans at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 15 22:18:11 CDT 2002

While we are on the issue of trust/identity/ etc., the following passage 
from the GNOME foundation's charter
< http://foundation.gnome.org/charter.html >, can probably be used as a 


Board Meetings & Votes


Voting sessions of the board of directors will be formal, performed either 
in-person, telephonically, via e-mail, or on IRC. This can be 
cryptographically authenticated with a registry of public keys. A simple 
majority is required to approve any measure. Often, decisions will be 
reached by consensus.

Minutes shall be kept for all meetings of the board of directors. Votes on 
all topics will be recorded and attributed. All of these records will be 
archived and made publicly available immediately.

On certain occasions, conversations within the GNOME Foundation will be 
confidential. On those occasions, notes from meetings etc. may be edited to 
maintain confidentiality. We will work to keep confidential conversations 
down to a minimum.


While this section is for their Board, there is no reason we can adapt it to 
our needs.


>On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Ben Schumacher wrote:
> > Playing devil's advocate now...
> >
> > So uh... then we all have to do a web of trust, etc, etc. How do I know
> > you're really temas, despite what your PGP key says, if I haven't met
> > you...? (This is theoretical, of course... since we have met.) But how 
> > I know you are you say you are in person? You could have a fake ID?
> >
> > /me just wants people to keep focus on the issues at hand, rather than 
> > whole internet identity problem at large.
> >
> > We'll just have to wait for PingID to figure that part out for us. ;)
> >
> > bs.

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