[Foundation] Text Conferencing Ammendment

Dirk-Willem van Gulik dirkx at webweaving.org
Fri Aug 16 15:17:49 CDT 2002

On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > Speaking of trust, I read through the bylaws this morning and I noticed
> > that the Secretary (c'est moi) is supposed to have on file for each member
> > the following information: "name, address, telephone number, facsimile
> > number and electronic mail address" (Section 6.7). So I have been remiss
> > once again. I'll need to gather this information from all the members who
> > are left after the upcoming purges, unless we change the bylaws. (Actually
> > it would be good for all JSF members to have PGP/GPG keys, too, IMHO.)

> Bear in mind that at a minumum to comply with good and proper books you
> propably have to keep a name and address on file. All the other ones are
> nice extra's.

I also realized that you also may want to get on file sufficient consent -
at least in the US.

Some Foundation asks the following, mainly to comply with Delaware

                    The XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Foundation

                        Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in The XXXXXX Foundation (the "Foundation").
To apply for membership, please complete this application and send it by
facsimile to the Foundation at +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX, or send a photocopy by
regular mail to The XXXX Foundation, XXX XXXXX ZZZZZ, XXX XXX, XX
YYYYY-XXXX, U.S.A.  Please read this document carefully before signing and
keep the original for your records.

name:   ___________________________

Address:___________________________   Telephone: ___________________


        ___________________________   Facsimile: ___________________


Country:___________________________   E-Mail:    ___________________

Membership in the Foundation carries certain responsibilities. Your
membership is conditioned upon your acceptance of the Foundation's
Bylaws (available at <http://www.XXXXX.org/yyyyy/bylaws.html>).

I have read and understand the Bylaws of The XXXXX Foundation and I wish
to become a member in accordance with those Bylaws.

Please sign: ________________________________ Date: _____________________

and keep this on file for each and every member.


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