[Foundation] conf call facilities for annual meeting

Ragavan S ragavans at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 20 13:22:24 CDT 2002

>I wonder if it might be better to have a one way broadcast of the meeting
>(voice) to the internet (streaming quicktime) and a way to interact via the
>web or Jabber.  I'm afraid of too many conference call participants making
>things pretty unmanageable.  With this method, we could also allow
>non-members to tune in (but not access the web/Jabber voting and feedback
>stuff).  It would also allow us to provide an audio record of the meeting
>for people who don't tune in live but would like to listen in later.  No
>matter how its planned, someone is going to be stuck with the live event
>occurring at some terribly early or late hour of the day.
>Many companies do this for share holder meetings and press conferences and
>it seems to work out quite well.
>PS - sorry I didn't mention this earlier but I just thought of it when you
>mentioned the possibility of the conference call getting swamped.

Most conference calls have the option of a lecture-only mode, which only 
allows the presenter(s) to talk. Other participants usually can request for 
an opportunity to talk, on which they will be placed on a queue (usually a 
moderator is also involved). And, teleconference calls also have the option 
of being recorded. So, I would go with just a conference call, with maybe a 
simultaneous chat session going on jdev at conference.jabber.org for all those 
who can't get on the phone or the impatient who just can't wait to be heard 
:) We could also have say, one of the presenters actively monitoring the 
chatroom for issues that may then be escalated to the call. This may be a 
bit simpler and easier for the bandwidth/connection speed challenged PLUS we 
have both the audio records and chatbot.


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