[Foundation] Authenticated Voting Ammendment

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Wed Aug 21 15:06:54 CDT 2002

I second.  Err, eigth..

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By my count, David Waite proposed and 7 members have seconded that the
item below be added as a voting item to the agenda for the annual
meeting. In order to add this to the agenda, we need at least 8 members
to second the motion. If you want this on the agenda for a vote, please
go ahead and second it. As we discussed ad nauseum in today's JSF
discussion [1], this is a rather important proposal if we want to make
future official meetings easier to run and more enjoyable to participate




Peter Saint-Andre
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> >>>>>How about a slightly revised version:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>Subject to Board of Directors approval and compliance with 
> >>>>>applicable law, remote communication may include an electronic 
> >>>>>voting system, provided that the system verifies the identity of 
> >>>>>voters to the satisfaction of the Secretary.
> >>>>>
> >>>>>-David Waite

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