[Foundation] Membership Purge

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Aug 29 07:28:52 CDT 2002

As previously noted on this list, a large number of JSF members have never
participated when we have put official decisions to a vote of the members.
There have been 3 such official decisions so far, which for purposes of
participation we have always said would be counted as meetings per Section
2.6 of the Jabber Software Foundation Bylaws (this will change if the
amendment to Section 2.1 passes at the annual meeting, since we will hold
meetings at least quarterly to admit new members). Therefore we will, as
warned, be purging founding members (i.e., members since the inception of
the JSF) who have consecutively missed all three of the official votes
held so far:

2002-02 -- acceptance of new members
2002-07 -- setting number of Board members at 5
2002-08 -- approval of voting items (bylaw changes) for annual meeting

Members who were accepted earlier this year have had the opportunity to
participate in only 2 votes so far, so none of them will be purged at this
time. However, if those members did not participate in the second two
votes above and do not participate in the annual meeting next Wednesday by
proxy voting (via memberbot) or by voting during the conference call, they
too will be purged.

All of these individuals are of course welcome to apply again for JSF
membership in the future when we have open acceptance of applications. If
the proposed amendment to Section 2.1 of the Bylaws is approved at the
annual meeting, that opportunity could come as early as October 1 of this

The list of individuals who will be purged immediately is as follows:


Jens Alfke
James Barry
David Barth
Fiore Basile
Joshua Bauguss
Phil Benson
Nitin Borwankar
Marc Bourgeois
Richard Braman
Griffin Caruolo
Thomas Cherryhomes
Sumit Chowdhury
Scott Cote
Rahul Dave
Andre Durand
JR Ebel
Michael Emswiler
Jack Erwin
Bill Farrell
Barry Flanagan
Randy Guck
Niklas Gustavsson
Schuyler Heath
Lawrence Hsu
Jorge Eduardo Ibarra
Matthew Johnston
Oliver Jones
Kevin Kadow
Susan Kirkpatrick
Rob Kooper
Nicholas Lafferty
Patrick Lai
Yermo Lamers
Jean-Francois Lavoie
Brandon Lees
Rex Liubo
Lizhi Loxu
Stephane Lunati
Colin Madere
Celso Martinho
Micah McCrary
Deech Mestel
Max Metral
Satish Mohan
Tomas Mrkvicka
Sateesh Narahari
Gorer Ozen
Dave Parkes
Matt Payne
Terry Perkinson
Chuck Peters
Gregory Pfeil
Dan Powers
C. Reece Rakowksi
Ted Rolle
Marco Romeny
Ian Rose
Steve Santacroce
Randall Severy
Sharon Shay
Aviv Siegel
Terry Smelser
Ryszard Sommefeldt
Al Sutton
William Tan
Michiel van Oudeheusden
Justin Van Patten
Subrahmanyan Venkata
Chris Weiss
Gregory Wong
John Wright
Mark Zamoyta


I shall remove these individuals from this mailing list and the official
list of JSF members later this morning. If you feel that you have been
included on the purge list in error, please contact me at your earliest



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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