[Foundation] Membership Purge

Shawn shawn at black9.net
Thu Aug 29 14:02:33 CDT 2002

Ah.  Good rule.

Thomas Muldowney wrote:
> A single company can not have membership greater than 15% of the entire
> membership.
> --temas
> On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 13:53, Shawn wrote:
>>What's the 15% rule?
>>Thomas Muldowney wrote:
>>>Will this affect the 15% rule for anybody?
>>>On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 12:47, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>>>And there are potentially another 45 members who risk explusion if they
>>>>don't vote on the Board+Council and/or Bylaw changes (i.e., participate in
>>>>the annual meeting).
>>>>I'll enable memberbot again for that purpose shortly.
>>>>Peter Saint-Andre
>>>>Jabber Software Foundation
>>>>On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>>>>We now have 96 members.
>>>>>Peter Saint-Andre
>>>>>Jabber Software Foundation
>>>>>On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>>>>>Yes, because we have just purged 72 members. I'll give you a membership
>>>>>>total here soon, working on updating the members list even as we speak.
>>>>>>Peter Saint-Andre
>>>>>>Jabber Software Foundation
>>>>>>On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
>>>>>>>Will this purge significantly alter the overall numbers?
>>>>>>>I'm just curious :-)
>>>>>>>Ivan R. Judson .~. http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~judson
>>>>>>>Futures Laboratory .~.  630 252 0920
>>>>>>>Argonne National Laboratory .~. 630 252 6424 Fax
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>>>>>>>>Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 7:29 AM
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>>>>>>>>Subject: [Foundation] Membership Purge
>>>>>>>>As previously noted on this list, a large number of JSF 
>>>>>>>>members have never participated when we have put official 
>>>>>>>>decisions to a vote of the members. There have been 3 such 
>>>>>>>>official decisions so far, which for purposes of 
>>>>>>>>participation we have always said would be counted as 
>>>>>>>>meetings per Section 2.6 of the Jabber Software Foundation 
>>>>>>>>Bylaws (this will change if the amendment to Section 2.1 
>>>>>>>>passes at the annual meeting, since we will hold meetings at 
>>>>>>>>least quarterly to admit new members). Therefore we will, as 
>>>>>>>>warned, be purging founding members (i.e., members since the 
>>>>>>>>inception of the JSF) who have consecutively missed all three 
>>>>>>>>of the official votes held so far:
>>>>>>>>2002-02 -- acceptance of new members
>>>>>>>>2002-07 -- setting number of Board members at 5
>>>>>>>>2002-08 -- approval of voting items (bylaw changes) for annual meeting
>>>>>>>>Members who were accepted earlier this year have had the 
>>>>>>>>opportunity to participate in only 2 votes so far, so none of 
>>>>>>>>them will be purged at this time. However, if those members 
>>>>>>>>did not participate in the second two votes above and do not 
>>>>>>>>participate in the annual meeting next Wednesday by proxy 
>>>>>>>>voting (via memberbot) or by voting during the conference 
>>>>>>>>call, they too will be purged.
>>>>>>>>All of these individuals are of course welcome to apply again 
>>>>>>>>for JSF membership in the future when we have open acceptance 
>>>>>>>>of applications. If the proposed amendment to Section 2.1 of 
>>>>>>>>the Bylaws is approved at the annual meeting, that 
>>>>>>>>opportunity could come as early as October 1 of this year.
>>>>>>>>The list of individuals who will be purged immediately is as follows:
>>>>>>>>Jens Alfke
>>>>>>>>James Barry
>>>>>>>>David Barth
>>>>>>>>Fiore Basile
>>>>>>>>Joshua Bauguss
>>>>>>>>Phil Benson
>>>>>>>>Nitin Borwankar
>>>>>>>>Marc Bourgeois
>>>>>>>>Richard Braman
>>>>>>>>Griffin Caruolo
>>>>>>>>Thomas Cherryhomes
>>>>>>>>Sumit Chowdhury
>>>>>>>>Scott Cote
>>>>>>>>Rahul Dave
>>>>>>>>Andre Durand
>>>>>>>>JR Ebel
>>>>>>>>Michael Emswiler
>>>>>>>>Jack Erwin
>>>>>>>>Bill Farrell
>>>>>>>>Barry Flanagan
>>>>>>>>Randy Guck
>>>>>>>>Niklas Gustavsson
>>>>>>>>Schuyler Heath
>>>>>>>>Lawrence Hsu
>>>>>>>>Jorge Eduardo Ibarra
>>>>>>>>Matthew Johnston
>>>>>>>>Oliver Jones
>>>>>>>>Kevin Kadow
>>>>>>>>Susan Kirkpatrick
>>>>>>>>Rob Kooper
>>>>>>>>Nicholas Lafferty
>>>>>>>>Patrick Lai
>>>>>>>>Yermo Lamers
>>>>>>>>Jean-Francois Lavoie
>>>>>>>>Brandon Lees
>>>>>>>>Rex Liubo
>>>>>>>>Lizhi Loxu
>>>>>>>>Stephane Lunati
>>>>>>>>Colin Madere
>>>>>>>>Celso Martinho
>>>>>>>>Micah McCrary
>>>>>>>>Deech Mestel
>>>>>>>>Max Metral
>>>>>>>>Satish Mohan
>>>>>>>>Tomas Mrkvicka
>>>>>>>>Sateesh Narahari
>>>>>>>>Gorer Ozen
>>>>>>>>Dave Parkes
>>>>>>>>Matt Payne
>>>>>>>>Terry Perkinson
>>>>>>>>Chuck Peters
>>>>>>>>Gregory Pfeil
>>>>>>>>Dan Powers
>>>>>>>>C. Reece Rakowksi
>>>>>>>>Ted Rolle
>>>>>>>>Marco Romeny
>>>>>>>>Ian Rose
>>>>>>>>Steve Santacroce
>>>>>>>>Randall Severy
>>>>>>>>Sharon Shay
>>>>>>>>Aviv Siegel
>>>>>>>>Terry Smelser
>>>>>>>>Ryszard Sommefeldt
>>>>>>>>Al Sutton
>>>>>>>>William Tan
>>>>>>>>Michiel van Oudeheusden
>>>>>>>>Justin Van Patten
>>>>>>>>Subrahmanyan Venkata
>>>>>>>>Chris Weiss
>>>>>>>>Gregory Wong
>>>>>>>>John Wright
>>>>>>>>Mark Zamoyta
>>>>>>>>I shall remove these individuals from this mailing list and 
>>>>>>>>the official list of JSF members later this morning. If you 
>>>>>>>>feel that you have been included on the purge list in error, 
>>>>>>>>please contact me at your earliest convenience.
>>>>>>>>Peter Saint-Andre
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