[Foundation] Last Call standards

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Fri Dec 13 15:26:34 CST 2002

Justin Karneges wrote:
> This doesn't sound like a problem, except let me share my experiences
> with the council and DTCP.  Most of the council does not care about
> this sort of thing.  The only person I can ever talk to about it is
> temas.  This number should be higher.

Justin -

This just plain isn't true.. I've have lots of "care" about DTCP and related
file xfer JEPs... and we just chatted online last night! It IS true that all
of use have real jobs, and try and designate as much time as "real life"
allows to jabber stuff. This is of course part of the committment to being
on the council, but RL "incursions" will always prevent us from spending as
much time as we'd like on jabber-related issues. For me, I've spent lots of
time recently working on Pub-Sub, but that has meant that I haven't been
able to respond to everything that I'd like to on mailing lists (not to
mention, there is a _LOT_ of activity between the JSF and the XMPP-WG to
keep up with). Also, Jabber/IM is not always the best way to communicate w/
council members... often times, email is the best way (jer may be the
exception to this rule).


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