[Foundation] good JSF discussion

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Jan 9 14:46:12 CST 2002

We just had a good, lively discussion in the foundation conference room
about Jabber Software Foundation activities, Jabber + SOAP, Apache
integration, etc. You can find a log here:


Since today's meeting was so valuable and the prospect of being publicly
shamed for not finishing tasks you've promised to complete works wonders
for the productivity of the project, we've decided to go back to the
weekly discussion format (for now, every Wednesday at 21:00 UTC). I will
send out a reminder one day beforehand to the members at jabber.org and
jdev at jabber.org mailing lists. 

And if you have agenda items for next week's meeting, let me know and I
will add them here:




Peter Saint-Andre
email+jabber: stpeter at jabber.org
web: http://www.saint-andre.com/

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