[Foundation] XMPP, JNG, and IETF

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jan 10 09:58:15 CST 2002

It's not clear yet what the second RFC will entail. We need to get the
first one done first. I'd think it will be more JNG-ish but we need to
have some discussions about all that. :)


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On 10 Jan 2002, Adam Theo wrote:

> Damn, too many acronyms in that subject...
> OK, just read the meeting logs from yesterday, and have *alot* to say.
> I'll first just ask what the second RFC to the IETF will cover? The
> second RFC being the standards track one, not the informational. Will
> this standards track RFC be the Jabber Next Generation (JNG) work as a
> generic XML data routing protocol separate from it's IM legacy? Or will
> this standards track RFC be Jabber 1.4, the stuff we mostly have now?
> Also, I would just lke to state for the record I'm very interested in
> JNG. More so than I am of the 1.4 line now, even. I see alot of
> potential for it. My personal goal for JNG will be to replace alot if
> not all transport protocols in existance today, like HTTP, FTP, SMTP,
> etc. As well as create superior XML-ized versions of such protocols as
> SIP and RTP. I see JNG becoming as integrated with the Internet of the
> future as TCP/IP is, providing a powerful and flexible yet simple data
> transport layer.
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