[Foundation] Board preliminaries

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jul 23 18:21:34 CDT 2002

As you are aware, in addition to electing a new Jabber Council we also
soon be electing members of the Board of Directors. I will soon post more
information about this process. For now, I'd like you to consider if you
are interested in serving on the Board, or if you know someone who might
be a good Director (they do not need to be members of the JSF and in fact
it might be good to bring in Directors from outside our little community
to give us new perspectives).

Also, we need to have a quick vote on the number of Board members we will
be electing. Section 4.4 of the Bylaws states the following:


The Board of Directors of the Corporation shall be composed of not less
than three (3) nor more than seven (7) Directors as determined from time
to time by the Members of the Corporation. No decrease in the number of
Directors pursuant to this section shall effect the removal of any
Director then in office.


Obviously this is rather unhelpful regarding elections. I would like to
move that we set the number of Directors at five (5) and that this setting
this number count as an official vote of the membership. This vote would
need to take place soon, which is why I have resurrected memberbot and am
currently sending subscription requests from memberbot at jabber.org to all
elected members of the JSF. 

Therefore PLEASE CHECK http://www.jabber.org/people/members.html and make
sure that your JID is correct there. If not, please email me off-list.
Hopefully we can decide this issue in the next week or two so that the
Board elections can happen on schedule in late August.

More soon.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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