[Foundation] Position Paper

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Thu Jul 25 16:46:01 CDT 2002

The most valuable thing I figured I could offer in my position paper is an
overview of what I plan on doing over the next year, both in the protocol
and software worlds:

Software Work (most of these are intertwined and share code in some way)

  o) jabberd - Maintenance fixes to 1.4.x, but the focus is mostly the new
codebase of 1.5+ maturing into a solid 2.0 release.  Some of the key
things I want out of this next-gen server is a much more "hackable"
codebase, better modularity and APIs, easier set-up and administration,
portability and i18n.

  o) server-to-server - A solid, compact, portable, and extremely easy to
use/integrate set of C files that implement s2s and can be packaged or
built into anything (help grow the "network" and make it easier to add
jabber functionality to server-like and service stuff).

  o) Amber - Something I've talked about and want to finally prototype,
building a special purpose jabber server that is entirely based on IMAP,
so that when you point this at any IMAP server it exposes Jabber
functionality to clients based on IMAP (auth, roster storage, rudimentary
things).  Something an ISP could just turn on to demonstrate Jabber
functionality for their users with zero set-up.

  o) http/wcs - Updating the 1.4 http/wcs functionality for the 1.5
codebase, promoting it's functionality a bit more and supporting some of
the newer http related things (polling, xmlrpc, soap gateways, etc).

  o) mod_jabber - Working on the Apache2 Jabber module again, making it
actually usable and more than just a prototype.

  o) JOSH - Reviving the old "Jabber On SHell" project, integrating jabber
functionality into a unix system and fully accessible via the shell.

  o) zeroconf/rendezvous/ichat - Experimenting with the new things from
Apple and supporting LAN iChat functionality.

Protocol Work

  o) IETF - Continuing to work towards any standards process around the
IETF and Jabber concerning the core protocol documented best in the
current drafts.

  o) SASL - Bolstering the SASL support, not just for c2s but also s2s and
components, a unified authentication mechanism.

  o) TLS/SSL - Enabling encrypted s2s connections, and the ability to do
cert auth between domains.

  o) jabber:x:data - Many cool possibilities here that need to be
demonstrated and integrated more fully into the architecture.

  o) Message Management - Moving beyond the JEP-13 style message access
into a full remote message management style functionality.

  o) Headers - An important level of functionality that enables a set of
new server and client features, particularly client-driven multi-party
chats, as well as mailing-list style services.

  o) Next-Gen protocol - Building on the ideas from mlin, beep, and things
learned in experimenting with xatp, working towards a solid understanding
of what Jabber needs to improve upon at it's lowest layers.

  o) Client Guidelines - A common set of tips, tricks, hints, and
guidelines for Client authors that might not get the info anywhere else.

There's lots more things things I think are cool, like pub/sub,
calendaring, conferencing, and I might jump into them if I can find the
time :)


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