[Foundation] Position Paper

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Sat Jul 27 17:14:00 CDT 2002

That's arguable. What if the candidate signs everything "Jer"? It's like 
"Cher" :)

bauer at michaelbauer.com wrote:
> I think all candidates should at least have a last name.
> On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Dave Smith wrote:
>>Excuse me, but is there any need for us to even vote on whether or not 
>>Jer will be on the council???
>>On Thursday, July 25, 2002, at 03:46 , Jeremie wrote:
>>>The most valuable thing I figured I could offer in my position paper is 
>>>overview of what I plan on doing over the next year, both in the 
>>>and software worlds:
>>>Software Work (most of these are intertwined and share code in some way)
>>>  o) jabberd - Maintenance fixes to 1.4.x, but the focus is mostly the 
>>>codebase of 1.5+ maturing into a solid 2.0 release.  Some of the key
>>>things I want out of this next-gen server is a much more "hackable"
>>>codebase, better modularity and APIs, easier set-up and administration,
>>>portability and i18n.
>>>  o) server-to-server - A solid, compact, portable, and extremely easy 
>>>use/integrate set of C files that implement s2s and can be packaged or
>>>built into anything (help grow the "network" and make it easier to add
>>>jabber functionality to server-like and service stuff).
>>>  o) Amber - Something I've talked about and want to finally prototype,
>>>building a special purpose jabber server that is entirely based on IMAP,
>>>so that when you point this at any IMAP server it exposes Jabber
>>>functionality to clients based on IMAP (auth, roster storage, 
>>>things).  Something an ISP could just turn on to demonstrate Jabber
>>>functionality for their users with zero set-up.
>>>  o) http/wcs - Updating the 1.4 http/wcs functionality for the 1.5
>>>codebase, promoting it's functionality a bit more and supporting some of
>>>the newer http related things (polling, xmlrpc, soap gateways, etc).
>>>  o) mod_jabber - Working on the Apache2 Jabber module again, making it
>>>actually usable and more than just a prototype.
>>>  o) JOSH - Reviving the old "Jabber On SHell" project, integrating 
>>>functionality into a unix system and fully accessible via the shell.
>>>  o) zeroconf/rendezvous/ichat - Experimenting with the new things from
>>>Apple and supporting LAN iChat functionality.
>>>Protocol Work
>>>  o) IETF - Continuing to work towards any standards process around the
>>>IETF and Jabber concerning the core protocol documented best in the
>>>current drafts.
>>>  o) SASL - Bolstering the SASL support, not just for c2s but also s2s 
>>>components, a unified authentication mechanism.
>>>  o) TLS/SSL - Enabling encrypted s2s connections, and the ability to do
>>>cert auth between domains.
>>>  o) jabber:x:data - Many cool possibilities here that need to be
>>>demonstrated and integrated more fully into the architecture.
>>>  o) Message Management - Moving beyond the JEP-13 style message access
>>>into a full remote message management style functionality.
>>>  o) Headers - An important level of functionality that enables a set of
>>>new server and client features, particularly client-driven multi-party
>>>chats, as well as mailing-list style services.
>>>  o) Next-Gen protocol - Building on the ideas from mlin, beep, and 
>>>learned in experimenting with xatp, working towards a solid 
>>>of what Jabber needs to improve upon at it's lowest layers.
>>>  o) Client Guidelines - A common set of tips, tricks, hints, and
>>>guidelines for Client authors that might not get the info anywhere else.
>>>There's lots more things things I think are cool, like pub/sub,
>>>calendaring, conferencing, and I might jump into them if I can find the
>>>time :)

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