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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Jul 31 15:16:28 CDT 2002

Based on today's JSF discussion [1], I would like to offer the following
modification to the process for the Board elections:


Board candidates must volunteer and publish their position papers no
later than one week before the start of the early voting process (i.e.,


Since I will be gone next week (actually 2002-08-05 through 2002-08-12),
please send your position paper to this list after 2002-08-04.




Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> This is a brief update about the upcoming elections for the Council and
> the Board. First I'd like to thank all the Council candidates, who have
> taken time out of their busy schedules to write position papers and answer
> questions on this list. The same goes for the Board candidates who have
> started coming out of the closet. :)
> Here is how things stand right now...
> Keep those debate questions coming. I will send out the 6 questions
> tomorrow (2002-08-01). Per Ryan's last email
> (http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2002-July/001184.html),
> candidates will have 24 hours to reply but we'll cut some slack for people
> like DJ who are travelling and such. Answers to the questions would be
> appreciated by midnight Central time on Friday 2002-08-02.
> I would appreciate it if Board candidates would write their position
> papers before Monday, 2002-08-05. This is mainly a convenience for me
> because I'll be on vacation 08-05 through 08-12. Feel free to send your
> paper (or a URL) to me, to Ryan Eatmon in my absence, or to this list.
> Please address the priorities you would like to address on the Board, such
> as those I discussed in my recent email
> (http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2002-July/001185.html). If
> you know someone who would like to be a Board candidate but who is not a
> JSF member, I can add give that person the ability to post to this list so
> that he or she can answer questions from the members.
> The voting process will begin on Wednesday 2002-08-14 and end on Wednesday
> 2002-08-21. As usual, the voting will be handled by memberbot, our trusty
> Jabber voting bot (located at memberbot at jabber.org). We will be voting on
> both Council candidates and Board candidates at this time. Once again, if
> memberbot is not in your roster or you have had trouble communicating with
> this bot, contact me and I will address the problem. (If you are not in
> memberbot's roster, you will not be able to vote -- and if you miss three
> votes in a row, you will be considered to have resigned your membership in
> the JSF ... consider yourself warned.) From 2002-08-14 until the annual
> meeting on 2002-08-21, we will hold early voting via memberbot. Just
> before the annual meeting I will turn off memberbot and you will be able
> to vote within the meeting itself if you so desire (after I have verified
> your identity). At the end of the annual meeting, the voting process will
> end and the votes will be tabulated by the Executive Director of the JSF
> (that's me) and independently validated by another member who is not up
> for election. If you would like to volunteer for this, please let me know.
> We will hold our official annual meeting on Wednesday 2002-08-21 (note:  
> this is a change from the previously-announced date of 2002-08-20, since
> we normally hold our meetings on Wednesday so a Tuesday meeting would be
> confusing). Feel free to send me agenda items for this meeting. As usual
> we'll hold this meeting via Jabber in the foundation at conference.jabber.org
> conference room and the meeting will be logged by ChatBot. I would propose
> that we allow at least 2 hours for this meeting so that we can address any
> issues of concern. I also propose that we hold the meeting from 16:00 to
> 18:00 UTC. If necessary we can extend the meeting. Note that according to
> the bylaws (section 3.12), matters submitted for vote may be proposed by
> not less than 5% of the members (http://www.jabber.org/bylaws.html). So if
> you have concerns or things you'd like changed, this is your chance.
> I think that's it for now. Feel free to post to this list if you have
> questions. I will also post a news item on www.jabber.org so that this
> information is more easily available.
> Peter
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