[Foundation] Jabber (TM)

Martin Rogard martin at vibes.net
Thu Mar 7 11:07:52 CST 2002

Mike Lin wrote :
> At the end of the discussion, a tacit consensus seemed to prevail
> that dictated that Jabber.com, Inc. would handle the "Jabber" 
> trademark similarly to how Sun Microsystems handles the "Java" 
> trademark.

I hope I'll soon be able to post a longer answer on this topic. I just
want to state that I fully disagree with the above statement. When we
discuss this topic a few month ago, I think I was not alone to think
exactly the opposite : Do not handle Jabber TM the way Sun handle Java

I know it's too late now, but first discussion were held in the opposite
way : give the trademark to the foundation, grant an exclusive usage to
Jabber, Inc. At the time we thought about using another name for the
protocol if J.C. didn't want to give the trademark.
I have very well understood that's it will not be the case, but don't
rewrite the story. 

- martin


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