[Foundation] Criteria, Voting, Membership What does it mean?

Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. heg at imissary.com
Fri Mar 8 14:55:11 CST 2002

15 months has passed since I have been peering in on the Jabber World.  I
have found jabbers momentum to be significantly stronger, 3 books, soon to
be in print or already are.  JSF has been created during this  period of
time and we admitted anyone standing around the jabber round table in.

JSF is a year old and we have  this vote to let  new people in, but why?
What is required to be a member? Why should we let them participate, when it
is not clear how I or others should participate.  What should be required of
me to be part of this foundation? Missing 3 votes is a low expectation of
participation for our members?  It may be adequate to discard the chaff, but
I propose more than that as the expectation of a member.

I must take a page from "JFK" Ask not what JSF can do for you, but what can
You do for JSF.  So lets think about that, I am a busy individual like the
rest of you.  It is not always clear on how best to spend a few extra cycles
on the JSF.  I would like to suggest that we increase the expectation of
what it means to be a member.  If we formalize what it means and what is
expected, then  we can review a candidate member in a more objective manner.

Some ideas on membership types and expectation of members.

* Two-types of members, Voting and non-voting.
* Must belong to at least 1 interested group

This is not a long list, just a start, what are your feelings about this?

Harold E. Gottschalk Jr.
JSF Member
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