[Foundation] Criteria, Voting, Membership What does it mean?

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 11:55:19 CST 2002

On 3/10/02 12:58 PM, "Mike Szczerban" <mike at aspect.net> wrote:

> Criteria for membership is excellent, but I think something the JSF is
> in more need of is a well-defined mission, platform, statement of
> purpose, whatever.  I was rather disturbed by the large number of
> applicants that seemed to believe that in order to use or develop Jabber
> or Jabber-related stuff, they had to first become JSF members.
> Unless I am horribly, horribly mistaken, the JSF is a subset of all the
> Jabber users, developers, corporate backers, etc, composed of those who
> want to help enhance, organize, and steer the project.  It isn't a
> litmus test to see if you're cool enough to be part of the club.
> Unfortunately, it seems that some people think it is.

You're right Mike.  There does seem to be a perception problem associated
with JSF.  A lot seems to stem from the lack of criteria or responsibilities
(beyond voting and most people like to vote...).


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