[Foundation] voting update

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Mon Mar 11 21:21:39 CST 2002

On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 21:56, Stephen Lee wrote:
> Michael,
> So does that mean I should fill the foundation with drival as well? Our
> book is released next week. We also try and contribute were ever we can
> including testing JabberStudio, running and advertising A public OS
> jabber server, soon to be released Open Source Jabber Client, no we do
> not use the 'poweredby Jabber' logo, but seems there is a copyright
> issue. 

No one is "fill[ing] the foundation with drival" -- they were two
lighthearted messages. Of all the mailing lists I'm on, this one has the
greatest signal strength of any. Please, for some of us Jabber is still
about having fun. It was in no way counterproductive other than the fact
that we're now wasting time discussing it.

> Seems to me that time could be better spent, but if you feel that we all
> have time to review this drival, then I guess that is your opinion,
> although I truly believe time could be better spent. I don't have a
> problem if they want to exchange those email privately, but I do believe
> that is were it should be kept. I for one do not have time to read the
> drival and I'm sure many other's are short on time as well.

Then don't bother making a big deal out of it if it occurs so
infrequently it doesn't matter.

> In a year the copyright issue is still outstanding (temas mentioned this
> earlier today and not one person had a word to say about it including
> you Michael) and there still seems to be no clear vision of what a
> member should be doing or what the foundation should be doing.

Personally, I /don't have anything to say/ on the *trademark* issue.
Currently from what I have heard it is OK for me to call my Open Source
client Gabber: The GNOME Jabber Client. And the commercial projects I
work on can say they're Jabber Powered as long as they comply with the
specification being created in the standards-jig. That's good enough for
me. Maybe no one is saying anything because no one has a problem with it
now? I don't know.

> Is there a reason that anyone not in this from the beginning is beat up
> at every turn? No wonder it is tough to keep people interested in the
> foundation.

DJ wasn't in this from the beginning. There are people in it from the
beginning that get beat up on and there are people that just joined that
weren't. Don't ask me why certain people like some people but dislike
others. I don't see the overall trend against newcomers, though.

> Sorry folks this is my opinion and as I discovered the last time I
> posted, you should NEVER speak badly of the foundation or what it does
> or doesn't do.

Which post are you referring to? "Jabber.com for President"? I'm not
sure I see exactly what bad comes when you "speak badly of the
foundation or what it does or doesn't do".

I am open with the fact that I think the Council right now sucks. The
JEP process sucks. Why the heck can't the Council definitively say
whether a JEP is approved or not? It's almost time for voting for
Council members again and they've done *nothing* really. I want to see
JEPs pushed through.

In fact, before this recent spurt of activity, temas and I were open
with the fact that we thought the JEP process was horrible. Nothing was
getting done with it. So I whined to saint peter, I whined to Jer, I
whined to temas, and eventually we started working on JEPs again and all
of a sudden we have a lot of JEPs. And now the Council sucks because
it's doing nothing with them ;)

> Btw I agree that both St.Peter and DJ have contributed a lot and hope
> neither of them feel I am being disrespectful to either of them as I
> feel they are contributing huge amounts to jabber, but so have many many
> other people.
> I'm sorry Michael I forget what is it you are contributing?

Michael had stpeter's position for quite some time until real life got
in the way and he resigned. He's simply offering comments in defense of
his friends and people he knows contribute a lot -- because he was in
stpeter's shoes.

> Just my 2 cents or is that pence?
> Steve

I'm just not sure why this is such a big deal. If you had said something
similar and stpeter or DJ blew up on you I'd come to your defense too.


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