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Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Mon Mar 11 21:54:04 CST 2002

On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 22:35, Terry Smelser wrote:
> And this has what to do with the fact that drivel is drivel??  It occurs to
> me that while a little bit of color is harmless and perhaps even useful,
> some of us just don't have the time for it.  I have been getting PILES of
> foundation mail here as of late, little of it has been worth the drive space
> it consumes.

Looking through the most recent mails, I only see a handful which I
would consider useless. Most of them seem to be people trying to sort
out problems... and I think we're arriving at the core of the
foundation's current problems.

>   And NO I would not consider removing myself from the lists, because just
> by accident, something that I might really want to read may come though. The
> Foundation, so far, has taken on all of the qualities of a "good ole boys
> club" and not much else.
> Example:
>  We here at slts (myJabber) do NOT use the Powered by Jabber logos, there is
> a copyright violation involved in using them. It was and IS the foundation's
> position to resolve that issue. Instead, the leadership of it (in this case
> YOU) has seen fit to reprimand a member for stating his opinion, while
> defending others for stating theirs. Or at least exercising their right to
> free speech.

So bring up your issues with the trademark and copyright in the thread!
The reason the discussion on it has fizzled is because no one has said
anything about it. Jabber, Inc. is not going to start bringing up
problems on its own, you guys need to talk about them.

If you have so many problems with the copyrights and leadership of the
foundation, where did you make these problems known? I haven't seen
anywhere near as much noise from @sltscommunications.net email addresses
for any other thread. In fact, I don't see a single email from any of
you on the "Jabber (TM)" thread -- and you claim that is one of your

*If you have issues with the leadership or copyright issues, make noise
about it.* Not random noise just whining about it like I am sometimes
guilty of doing -- make a logical, well-drawn argument for your point.
Mike Lin does this very well (sometimes too well ;) ).

And I'm really clueless about this "reprimand[ing] a member for stating
his opinion" -- could someone please point me to this?

> Let's get on the ball here and resolve a few issues that affect all of us,
> instead of an issue that involved ONE person.

I'm looking forward to your email about the copyright problems.

> I have NO doubt that Peter and DJ have contributed an amazing amount to the
> Jabber Community; in fact I am quite sure of it.  I have received a lot of
> help, both directly and indirectly from both of them. AND from a lot of
> other guys that are not perhaps as high profile as these two. A lot of us
> have contributed in many ways, Steve Lee and I wrote a book that will
> release next week, (Hungry Minds)  I can't wait to get a chance to Read DJ's
> book, But we at slts can achieve more in a part time afternoon, (we still
> have jobs) than frankly the foundation has achieved  from the time of it's
> inception.

I really hate to be infammatory -- but what exactly have you guys done
for the *Foundation* community beyond write a book and work on closed
source clients? I have spent time trying to move the foundation forward.
I like to think I'm partially responsible for the recent boom in number
of JEPs, and I continue to work on more. I'm pushing to get the Council
to actually vote on these JEPs, as stpeter can attest to. 

> Never the less, we are either a community or we are not. Most of us are
> treating this as a business now days, we don't have time for drivel,
> regardless of WHO is responsible for it.

Fine, but this is still about fun for me.

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