[Foundation] voting update

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Mar 12 00:06:46 CST 2002

I've got some thoughts thrown in down here:

<tone>soft, mild depression</tone>

On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 22:49, Terry Smelser wrote:
> >I really hate to be infammatory -- but what exactly have you guys done
> >for the *Foundation* community beyond write a book and work on closed
> >source clients?
> I wasn't refering to the FOUNDATION as a community, remember, I think it's a
> "good ole boys club". I refer to Jabber and only Jabber as a community.
> What have we done for Jabber?   Instead of me pointing that out....why don't
> you look?  And keep looking, the release of our book will bring about
> several changes in our setup here. Things that will benefit the entire
> JABBER community...we hope anyway ( prolly won't do a thing for the "good
> ole boys club", but was never ment to)

This honestly hurts.  Jer and I spent forever discussing the technical
side of JSF.  There weren't even plans for a council or any sort of real
technical guidance at first, just the business side.  I can see where
the perception can perhaps come from, but I think we just care about
Jabber too much.  We've spent so many years working with it and for it. 
I know I can't say anything to change your mind about this, but I think,
more recently than ever, that this is wrong.

> No we don't write a lot to any of the threads.... we found out right after
> the beginnings of the Foundation, when we were pushing  for the resolution
> of  some issues, (that are still unresolved)  that our input, our PUSHING,
> was not welcome. We were ask to "stop rocking the boat", in open forum,
> mailing lists and in private email (yes I still have copies of  all of it).
> Foundation email is a source of information to me (and us) and that, you can
> never have enough of.
> So fine, it does not  bother any of us here to be the black sheep, we kind
> of enjoy it. We have continued to work on our clients, build custom clients,
> write a book on the setup and configuration of open source Jabber servers
> and the design of OPEN source client software as well. We have pushed OUR
> client first, and ANY Jabber client next. ( this is only fair and good for
> business). I have written countless articles and letters about switching
> users to Jabber and away from the big guys networks,  etc.. etc..  I will do
> more and anything I can think of to promote "Jabber" and it's use. Again,
> while I always push myJabber for windows, would you care to guess what I
> push for Linux/Unix? :-) Only the best for my customers and users....
> So what have I done for the Foundation? What I was ask to do... I shut up.

Why?  Why quiet your voice?  In a "real life" political struggle would
you just quit?  If your voice is disturbing people it's hitting a cord,
and it's important to keep it going until people realize what it is that
is bothering them.  Once it's realized the issue can be discussed
rationally and openly.  Don't let the norm influence you or pull you
down, it's just not right.  I urge you to reclaim your voice and let it
be heard.

> > I'm looking forward to your email about the copyright problems.
> Unless I am instructed to do so by slts, I will not address the issue,
> (other than to be sure WE don't take a hit) I tried in the very beginning,
> all of us did. I simply do not have time to work where I am not wanted and
> it was made clear to us that we were NOT welcome.

You're a voting member of the JSF, and I'll be damned if you aren't
welcome.  I'll immediately resign from the JSF if you aren't welcome. 
Like I stated above, don't let this stop the potential benefit to the

> Jabber on the other hand has been kinder to me and I to it.
>  I think this statement goes for all of us here at slts, if it don't you can
> be SURE I will hear about it in the morning.
> Terry Smelser
> System Specialist
> sltsCommunications

I'm too tired and emotionally unequipped to go and search the archives
for the last conversations.  I also don't remember how it all went down,
it was a hectic time for myself and I didn't get too involved.  But
maybe we can move forward?  We're starting the trademark issues again,
and the group is a bit more solid now.  We're also trying to define what
a member is so that we can actually get the technical side of the JSF
more congealed.  Both of these issues need everyones attention and I
humbly request your participation.


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