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Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Mar 12 00:22:58 CST 2002

You know... all I can say to this thread is wow =)  I came home from
trying to get myself undepressed (not by drinking ;-]) and boom it's
just a lot "stuff".  I see both sides and I don't know where I stand,
but like I just replied to Terry's post.  We have two _major_ issues out
in front of us, the trademark and what membership entails.  Now that
we're past the young and unknowing days of both the JSF and Jabber, we
can fully identify the issues and seek resolution on them.  I dunno I'm
just typing this from the heart, can we ignore some of this stuff and
just look at the issues in a clear and clean slate manner?

Although I hate to do it, since it prolongs this thread =)  I do have to
disagree about beating on people not in this from the beginning.  People
such as Mike Lin have come through and provided us with technically
insipring and intriguing posts, and Matthew Bell (endomandi/mentor) have
come out of no where to help with JabberStudio.  Nick Perez I would now
count as a pretty good friend and the same with you =)  Even looking at
the vote we just had I voted about 50% in based on finding posts on JDEV
and JADMIN from the people, and it was great to more directly associate 
names with nicks.  We even have JEPs from people I didn't know existed
;-)  We want to grow, we're trying to grow, and we need to grow, but we
all have to be in it together.

Every member voice is equal, there's no one that has admin access to the
list that will remove anybody that was rightly added and has not
resigned membership.  So... be vocal, be proactive, be reactive, be
whatever, just be a contributor =)


P.S. -- Sorry these posts are so rambly... I'm just typing thoughts as
the come into my partially depressed head.  It's from the heart guys, I
want us all in on this.

On Mon, 2002-03-11 at 20:56, Stephen Lee wrote:
> Michael,
> So does that mean I should fill the foundation with drival as well? Our
> book is released next week. We also try and contribute were ever we can
> including testing JabberStudio, running and advertising A public OS
> jabber server, soon to be released Open Source Jabber Client, no we do
> not use the 'poweredby Jabber' logo, but seems there is a copyright
> issue. 
> Seems to me that time could be better spent, but if you feel that we all
> have time to review this drival, then I guess that is your opinion,
> although I truly believe time could be better spent. I don't have a
> problem if they want to exchange those email privately, but I do believe
> that is were it should be kept. I for one do not have time to read the
> drival and I'm sure many other's are short on time as well.
> In a year the copyright issue is still outstanding (temas mentioned this
> earlier today and not one person had a word to say about it including
> you Michael) and there still seems to be no clear vision of what a
> member should be doing or what the foundation should be doing.
> Is there a reason that anyone not in this from the beginning is beat up
> at every turn? No wonder it is tough to keep people interested in the
> foundation.
> Sorry folks this is my opinion and as I discovered the last time I
> posted, you should NEVER speak badly of the foundation or what it does
> or doesn't do.
> Btw I agree that both St.Peter and DJ have contributed a lot and hope
> neither of them feel I am being disrespectful to either of them as I
> feel they are contributing huge amounts to jabber, but so have many many
> other people.
> I'm sorry Michael I forget what is it you are contributing?
> Just my 2 cents or is that pence?
> Steve
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> Lighten up, Barry.  If Peter (who recently submitted an IETF draft for 
> Jabber) wants to ask what two pence is worth and DJ (who wrote the first
> book on Jabber) wants to answer him, they can damn well go ahead and do 
> that.  People with a track record of making selfless contributions to
> the 
> community are entitled to providing a little color for the rest of us.
> On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Barry G Lee wrote:
> > Why waste members time with this kind of jibber. Most of the 
> > membership want to better the Jabber world and I think people will 
> > tend to stop reading if there is so much garbage and there are 
> > important issues at hand.
> > 
> > Regards
> > 
> > Barry G Lee
> > 
> > > 3 cents US
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> > >> > How much *is* a pence, anyway? :)
> > >>
> > >> Well, it's more than two Eurocents, anyway, and that's all that 
> > >> matters to me ;-)
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