[Foundation] Let's focus on the real issues

Mike Szczerban mike at aspect.net
Tue Mar 12 06:34:35 CST 2002

Hi everybody.  I'm Mike Szczerban.  I wrote JabberTools, am responsible
for a few very self-serving Gabber features ( :) ) and am working on
JabberStudio, for those who don't know me.  Others might know me as a
person who is on a couple JIGs but that doesn't contribute much to
them.  Guilty as charged, but, well, it's not altogether fun to
contribute to something that seems to have only a little bit of
meaning.  I still do Jabber stuff just for fun.

I happened to vote about 65-80% of new members into the JSF.  But I
don't know what they are going to do once in -- what it means to be a
member -- and once they make their contributions, what restrictions
exist to using the name 'Jabber'?  What should 'JabberPowered' really
mean?  Some of these issues have been taken up before and are currently
being worked on.  However, that work is getting held up by busy
schedules, economic situations that make it unfeasible to work on Jabber
stuff for fun, life in general.  Unfortunately too, some people feel
wrongly disenfranchised (right when we're giving votes to new members,
too) and at the very least some have their feelings hurt from current
discourse or past experience.  At any rate, it's clear that this is
arising not from a joke about pence but rather something deeper.

So, I have something to say.

The Jabber Software Foundation is a human institution.  Such
institutions fail when they lose tough with the fundamental aspects of
the human experience.  Shared, non-abusive humor among cooperative
persons is one such experience.  We are not borgs.  Communication does
not solely exist on a corporate level.  Attempts made to deconstruct the
basis of any successful human relationship or group are attempts made to
deconstruct that relationship or group.  That said, I thought it was
funny, it took me 45 freaking seconds to read the mails, giggle, and
move on with my extremely busy life.  I don't know about the rest of
you, but forty-five seconds to lighten my day (along with the
team-building effects of shared humorous experience) is not something to
bitch about.  Please, let's end this debate, and with a smile on our
faces try to fix what's really wrong with member disenfranchisement,
trademark issues, the Foundation -- that it, in fact, does very little
right now.

Thanks for listening,


Mike Szczerban
email:  mike at aspect.net
jabber: mike at jabber.org
aim:    boat pants

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