[Foundation] Communication is everything

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Tue Mar 12 11:29:37 CST 2002

Hello all

Well, a lot of emails have passed under the bridge this past 24 hours, and
I thought I'd post one too. I'm not going to try and address any of the 
points already made; I just want to offer one suggestion - that we can turn
this debate to our advantage. It has been a delight to belong to a community
like this, where a heated discussion like the one that has just taken place
is an extreme exception. Human nature and the law of averages meant that 
sooner or later we'd have a period where opinions were strongly expressed. 
I guess this is it. 

But that's ok. I'd rather have people air their views, about whatever
subject, than keep them to themselves. So I'm seeing the discussion as a
sort of air-clearing opportunity. Now that we know people's feelings on
various subjects, surely we can look towards addressing the issues by
further conversation on this list.

Some people might call me naive to take this angle on things, but life's
too short to fall out.

cautiously optimistic

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