[Foundation] Criteria, Voting, Membership What does it mean?

Ragavan S ragavans at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 12 12:31:19 CST 2002

>Not sure what happened to all of this stuff but here are the original
>Mission and Charter that was drafted during the development of the JSF:
>The Jabber Foundation provides organizational and technical assistance to
>the Jabber community to help accomplish its mission of fostering "freedom
>of conversation" among people, applications, and systems regardless of
>medium through an open communications framework.
>The Jabber Foundation provides organizational assistance and indirect
>technical assistance to the Jabber community. Organizational assistance
>will include brand management, logistical support, legal assistance, press
>relations, and publicity event coordination.  Indirect technical
>assistance will include project management, protocol specification
>management, standards activities, documentation support and site

The mission and the charter are just that, they do not provide guidelines. 
They say what the role of the Foundation is, not what the roles of the 
members are. That is why I suggested taking a look at the Apache/Gnome 

>We never specifically stated requirements for Membership other than the
>minimum voting requirements since we wanted to keep the administratitive
>requirements for monitoring Membership to a minimum.  In the broadest
>sense Members should actively further the mission of the foundation by
>participating in its charter functions.
>Going much further than this would in my view result in more
>than appropriate for such an organization.  If you want to know
>specifically what's required from a legal perspective of Membership check
>out section 2 of the By-Laws.  http://www.jabber.org/bylaws.html

I am not quite sure that going further would not be appropriate. If you take 
a look at < http://foundation.gnome.org/membership-policy.html >, they lay 
some broad guidelines. I think having such guidelines will at least help us 
all to come to some common ground on what is expected of a JSF member. Thus, 
while we may not go to the extent of saying so-and-so should have written at 
least 2 JEPs, or answered at 25 questions on jdev/jadmin, we can lay a broad 
guideline that says, so-and-so should have made significant, non-trivial 
contributions to the development of the Jabber community. We can take it a 
step further and say the contributions should be in the areas of code, 
documentation, protocol enhancement (as in JEPs), maintaining important 
resources (as in JabberStudio), etc. It is upto the individual members then 
to decide, on a personal basis, whether they want to vote the applicant in 
or not.

This is very much inline with what you said here:
>In the broadest
>sense Members should actively further the mission of the foundation by
>participating in its charter functions.

What do others think?

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