[Foundation] Choose no Fences

Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. heg at imissary.com
Tue Mar 12 12:49:30 CST 2002

I tore down my fence with Jabber community!

In October 2001 I Officially started a new company based on the premise of
Jabber as a core technology to build products.  I started my research of
Jabber in January of 2001 and  found myself fighting to get some momentum
towards my selfish goals for Jabber.  I am guilty of placing fences up
between the core group and myself and bring on others to my side of the

After my Ferengie thoughts and attitudes subsided,  I realized I was on the
wrong side of the fence.  Before starting the company I did my research and
went to JabberCon 2001.  I met the people that make up the Jabber community
and the core individuals who keep it alive for us on the fringes.  I found
myself evaluating how wrong I was about them.   I would be most honored that
one day, to have earned the right to be at the core of the Jabber community.

I have found that my business objectives are not in conflict with JSF, that
I can build proprietary systems and yet contribute to open systems too.  It
does not have to be Black and White, we should not expect the JSF to side
with our business perspectives and objectives.

My 3 cents is to NOT have fences!!!  I challenge all of us to build a gate
and walk through it. Lets get on the same side to foster the JSF mission and
to build something we are proud of.

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