[Foundation] voting update

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Mar 12 13:35:00 CST 2002

I don't want to prolong this, but there is context and information

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 11:52, Michael Bauer wrote:
> I fully expect to be castigated for this proposal.  I fully expect no one 
> to support me in calling for this vote.  I fully expect to even be 
> ostracized by some that of you from whom your respect means a great deal 
> to me.  

So why go ahead with it?  It makes a mockery of our system and general
ability for people to voice their opinions without ridicule or
repercussions.  It was seriously the most painful thing I've seen on the
lists, ever.

> I am willing to accept all of this to make some very clear points.  One, I 
> take Membership in this organization very seriously.  While requirements 
> for Membership does not have a formal checklist associated with it, at 
> some level, it's pretty simple - do something.  Help out others.  Give 
> something back.  Simply doing things to build a business does not 
> constitute giving something back.

So running a public server, working on JEPs, building a free client,
supporting user questions... those don't count anymore?

> Two, because I take this seriously, I think there should be consequences 
> to inaction.  Those consequences typically range in severity from a little 
> isolated chastisement to a little group banging.  For those that have 
> consistently in my view not given anything back and have consistently 
> strove to find fault without offering any solution I decided to take this 
> to its most extreme and make this proposal.  Perhaps my simply making this 
> proposal is enough to start getting something back to help the community.  
> I doubt it, but I'm willing to try.

You know I would say over 50% of the membership has been inactive, and I
don't see highly vocal pursuits of them.  The problem is acknowledged
and being highly discussed, but based on a meritocracy system I would
continue to have Stephen Lee in the membership.  He's been at recent JSF
gatherings on Wed, and has continued to help the community through
myjabber as listed above.  It's hard to ask for more from people that
work full time jobs.

> Three, and this has alway bugged me, THIS IS NOT AN OLD BOYS CLUB.  If it 
> was, then I'd have Peter and DJ and temas and everyone else rallying 
> around me and supporting me in the vote.  That is not the case.  Both 
> publicly and privately, I have been chided for making this suggestion.  No 
> one has come to my defense.  No one has supported me in this.  So I hope 
> this once and for all demonstrates clearly this is not the case.  I wonder 
> if my possibly throwing away all respect that I may have earned in helping 
> start this Foundation, drafted the Jabber Open Source License, and create 
> the Jabber Powered branding program might possibly convince some of you 
> otherwise.

It's hard to not step back and at least respect that viewpoint, it's
very easy to see.  But, once you have seen it and acknowledged it you
can become a strong member.  Every new ray of light further increases
our vision of an unclear landscape.


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