[Foundation] Criteria, Voting, Membership What does it mean?

Michael Bauer bauer at michaelbauer.com
Tue Mar 12 12:41:22 CST 2002

We're kind of talking past each other.  We originally took Gnome and 
Apache as our models for the JSF.  Here's how Membership in the JSF was 
originally stated:

"Membership consists of those individuals and companies who have 
demonstrated a commitment to collaborative open-source software 
development through sustained participation and contributions to the 
Foundation itself and to the projects that are a part of the Jabber 

We used the rather loose definition for Membership in Gnome as our model.  
We did not use the Apache "nomination" process since we deemed that too 
political.  We kept the Gnome notion that election is on a case-by-case 
basis determined at the discretion of the Membership themselves.  Kind of 
turned out to work just as advertised.  :)

However, I would propose updating this Membership definition.  I would 
again advocate that it reflect supporting the mission and the charter of 
Foundation.  That way you can fine tune the mission and the charter and 
membership responds accordingly.  Something like this:

"Membership in the Jabber Software Foundation requires significant, 
sustained, and measurable participation in furthering the mission of the 
Jabber Software Foundation by providing organizational or technical 
assistance as defined in the charter of the Jabber Software Foundation.  
Membership is by election of a majority of current Members of the 
Foundation.  Applications detailing participation are required prior to 

We should keep Membership requirements short and sweet and open to some 
interpretation by the Members themselves.  I think we could augment this 
definition with a set of examples, though.

 1. Develop and contribute open source code.
 2. Define protocol extensions for open source code.
 3. Draft documentation for the use and adminstration of Jabber.
 4. Provide technical assistance in email and jabber forums.
 5. Assist in the organization and management of the Foundation.
 6. Support the development of Jabber web sites.
 7. Assist in defining the licensing of Jabber.
 8. Assist in managing the brand identity of Jabber.
 9. Provide support in organizing functions for Jabber community.
10. Contribute to increasing the awareness of Jabber.

Of course, we have to be cool with the Mission and the Charter.  How's 
that strike everyone?

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