[Foundation] Criteria, Voting, Membership What does it mean?

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Mar 12 14:01:27 CST 2002

> "Membership in the Jabber Software Foundation requires significant,
> sustained, and measurable participation in furthering the mission of the
> Jabber Software Foundation by providing organizational or technical
> assistance as defined in the charter of the Jabber Software Foundation.
> Membership is by election of a majority of current Members of the
> Foundation.  Applications detailing participation are required prior to
> voting."

This seems clearly focused and sufficiently vague.  It however seems to omit
the obvious participation of benevolent sponsors, which although perhaps not
actively contributing benefit in name alone to the effort.  This sounds odd,
but I think it's a real issue.

> We should keep Membership requirements short and sweet and open to some
> interpretation by the Members themselves.  I think we could augment this
> definition with a set of examples, though.

>  1. Develop and contribute open source code.
>  2. Define protocol extensions for open source code.
>  3. Draft documentation for the use and adminstration of Jabber.
>  4. Provide technical assistance in email and jabber forums.
>  5. Assist in the organization and management of the Foundation.
>  6. Support the development of Jabber web sites.
>  7. Assist in defining the licensing of Jabber.
>  8. Assist in managing the brand identity of Jabber.
>  9. Provide support in organizing functions for Jabber community.
> 10. Contribute to increasing the awareness of Jabber.

This seems to fill out what purpose the foundation serves.  Ie, logically,
you have to do these things to be a part of the foundation, once part of it
you have to continue to do them.  Feels somehow odd.  I don't have a
concrete reason, but i'm working on it.


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