[Foundation] some perspective

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Mar 12 17:12:59 CST 2002

It's been an interesting 24 hours on this list, difficult to even keep up
with reading.

When it comes to procedural and social/organizational issues I rarely have
much comment to add, I tend to be a social recluse and therefore not a
good judge on such things.  Instead, either directly or indirectly I've
come to fully trust the group of people involved here to make the best
decisions for the Jabber community about what is needed where, and it
seems we're already making strides in the right direction.

There's been a substantial amount of growth this year (much of it
imperceptible), and it doesn't look to let up any time soon. We're going
to be facing many typical "growing pains" and will need to be even more
vigilant about staying focused and respectful in this diverse and open
community.  On the other hand, we're all very limited in the resources we
have to deal with the growth, and that tends to create a lot of stress.
Sometimes it's easiest to just relax and concentrate first on how Jabber
helps you get what you need done better/faster, that's the most important

My reason for creating Jabber and continuing to pour my heart into it has
always been a balance between altruistic and selfish: I want to be able to
improve the way *I* communicate with others, but more importantly, I
believe there is a fundamental right that everyone has to access and
control the technologies they use to communicate with each other (this
includes the perspective of businesses and the communication services they
offer their employees and customers, even if choosing to limit access).  

We all (even I) need to remind ourselves from time to time of why we're
using and building such an open platform as Jabber: we're creating
something that benefits others by giving them more choice and access, and
through them we're creating more opportunities for people to connect and
communicate in new ways via open systems.  Besides, XML and IM is fun and
cool :)


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