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Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 13 13:07:23 CST 2002

On 3/12/02 1:04 PM, "Michael Bauer" <bauer at michaelbauer.com> wrote:

> This wasn't how things were supposed to work.  The Council is an advisory
> body primarily delegated to overseeing the JIGs for technical purposes.

Technically, the council is supposed to form and manage the JIGs.  In
addition, JIGs can only be composed of members (something that is not
enforced right now...but since we sort of killed off the JIGs this seems
kind of moot).

> The Members are directly responsible for Foundation.

In a loose way.  Our elected officials (the board and council) are
responsible for making things actually happen.  At least that is the way it
usually works in organizations.  Leadership is supposed to lead.

> Heg's putting 
> together a proposal for language on Membership already based on discussion
> on the Members list.  I submit it will be very difficult for the
> Council (or anyone else for that matter) to come up with a viable
> trademark proposal.  In fact, I wouldn't recommend the Council do this at
> all.  I think this should come up from the Membership itself.  If the
> Council has some other ideas for proposals, fine, but the onus is upon the
> Membership to govern itself.

I strongly disagree.  As I understood it, the entire point of the JSF and
council was that they would handle a lot of the administrative and legal BS
so that the Jabber could concentrate on the business and technical aspects
of evolving Jabber.

We, the community, have identified the business need for trademark issues to
be resolved.  We have suggested possible plans and action items from a
technical and business standpoint.  I feel that we have done our job as our
part of the relationship with the JSF.

It has been the responsibility of the JSF (Board and Council) for at least
the past 6 months if not longer, to handle the administrative and legal
issues for expediting matters so that we could move forward.  The board and
council have done nothing in this direction.  If we, the community must also
tackle the legal and administrative aspects of getting trademark issues
resolved, then we really have no need for the JSF.

IMO, I feel this is a very important moment for the JSF.  Their handling of
this matter will determine if the JSF is necessary or irrelevant.  I
sincerely hope for the former but am prepared to deal with the latter.


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