[Foundation] trademark issue (or possibly lack of)

Martin Rogard martin at vibes.net
Thu Mar 14 04:56:06 CST 2002

Jer wrote :
> I want to make a point here that I wasn't clear about before, 
> I don't believe there *is* any serious trademark issues.

I am not a lawyer eihter but indeed in France I think I am quite free to
use the jabber trademark as It has never been enforced. And after
consulting a lawyer I decided to stop complaining as It seems I have no
more problem using the jabber name.

I registered jabber-fr.com domain on 2000-05-18 which is before
Jabber.Inc filed the tradmark (September 18, 2000) and so far I heard
nothing from Jabber.com. I can also proove use of Jabber name in France
prior to any use by Jabber Inc. 

Of course a statement from Jabber Inc. about this issue will be better
but on the other hand the lack of statement from Jabber is an implicit
green flag to use jabber (legally in France, I'll not speak for US).

- martin

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