[Foundation] Membership and Trade Mark

Barry G. Lee bglee at sltscommunications.net
Fri Mar 15 11:19:15 CST 2002

I didn't realize that my short e-mail to the member list the other
evening would have such a wakening. In retrospect now it may have been
to the best interest of the JSF.
First I would like to thank those that showed restraint and common sense
in not attempting to do away with any of our staff as members of the
Foundation. Any good association should never be a "we or they" the
common good is what is important.
I voted for all applicants to be members and the reason I did is the
three vote rule. You will have new people to the Jabber community,
software addicts that will want to join and other interested people who
after a short while will go away to never return. If membership is
voting on a regular basis then the non participants will disappear. The
onus will be on the people running the voting and member list running .
You  need to post when a vote is called.
Trade Mark
I have been doing some research in regards to the trade mark issue and
feel that an expert opinion is necessary.
Jabber as it relates to open source "Computer software for enabling
real-time communications over the Internet" has by usage of many
individuals and companies throughout the world should become public
The Jabber Software Foundation and it's name was supported and fostered
by employees and associates of Jabber.com, Inc with the intention that
Jabber could be used used in the building of a group of developers for
the common open source community.
Jabber.com,Inc are attempting to register the trade mark "Jabber" as it
relates to "Computer software for enabling real-time communications over
the Internet" after it has been used by several companies and
individuals and attached to their projects.
At this time the Jabber Software Foundation should not acknowledge in
any way shape or form that Jabber is the registered trade mark of
Jabber.com, Inc.
We have a trade mark lawyer that does our work for us and we are willing
to spend a little money to check out the matter. 
However we also feel that this should be a JSF obligation. We would like
someone to tell us what being a corporate sponsor entails and we would
then earmark the donation/sponsorship to the trade mark issue.
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