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Barry G. Lee bglee at sltscommunications.net
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Thank you Jeremie you seem very genuine in your approach but do you not
fell somebody is dragging their feet on this issue??


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> We at slts made an offer last Friday to help JSF pay for a trade mark 
> review. This offer was made in good faith and there was no reply until

> one of the other members ( Iain ) asked if there had been a response. 
> Then there was a response from Jeremie who I believe felt he needed to

> say something but there was no direction.

As I replied then and now, I am trying to follow up on this, it's just
taking time (moreso then I'd even like)...

> The Trade Mark issue has been ongoing for a year and we for one had 
> several voice conversations with Michael Bauer. He told us then that 
> Jabber.com,Inc would be defending what he believed to be their Trade 
> Mark.

And as I remember the discussions at the time, there was to be a
business-jig where the proposal from Jabber, Inc. would be
submitted/discussed/reviewed.  A lessen we've learned since then is that
more lists/jigs don't make things better organizationally.

Unfortunately at the same time or shortly after that, Jabber, Inc. had
to go through a very rough downsizing, the TM proposal left along with
Michael (since he was driving it).  Much has happened since then and
everyone has been quite busy, even Jabber, Inc. is playing "catch up" on
the context and history of this issue.

I've been communicating with them further on the issue, and encouraging
them to have someone join the discussion who can officially represent
them.  I can't promise any time-frames as I haven't heard any, but I've
made the importance and time sensitivity clear.

> Because our offer to the JSF seems to have been rejected,

Let me quote my first reply directly and make this point *VERY* clear:

"There is no problem with accepting the sponsorship/donation, I just
want to understand how and make sure it's going to be accounted for and
credit given."

Repeating: there is *no problem* with accepting what you offer, I
welcome it as do the rest of the members, having donations like this is
very important for the JSF.  I should have been more up front about
this, and I apologize, I am only taking time and following up to
understand how JSF accounts for this, be it some web page where these
things are listed, or some other means for crediting these kind of

So yes, your offer for a legal opinion on the TM issue is welcome and
encouraged, and I thank you in advance both personally and, in some
official means YTBD, on behalf of the JSF.


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