[Foundation] today's JSF discussion

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Mar 20 14:59:34 CST 2002

> Thank you Jeremie you seem very genuine in your approach but do you not
> fell somebody is dragging their feet on this issue??

Well, let me be sure, there are two issues here, the one is how to
accomodate such contributions to the foundation.  I just talked to Andre
about this and he's working on a framework for how to make such things
clear, accounted for, and encouraged.  He'll have something to present
soon, but that shouldn't stop you or anyone else from doing so beforehand.

The other issue is Jabber, Inc. participation in the TM discussion and an
understanding of where they stand on it.  All I know at this point is that
they only just became aware of this <1 week ago, and there have been
several discussions already, but there is some researching and
lawyer-communication that have to happen first, all in the midst of some
of the important people being or going on vacation.

I haven't yet seen anything I'd consider stalling, and if I do I'll be
applying more pressure.  I think it's reasonable to give them at least
another week to get a better understanding and start communicating in
some official fashion.

And to be honest, I don't think it would benifit Jabber, Inc. to belay the
issue any longer, from the little I understand of trademarks I would
gather than any delays or furthered misunderstandings would only harm the
TM.  They should be the ones that want to come to some consensus as
quickly and clearly as possible :)


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