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Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 16:31:18 CST 2002

On 3/20/02 12:59 PM, "Jeremie" <jeremie at jabber.org> wrote:

>> Thank you Jeremie you seem very genuine in your approach but do you not
>> fell somebody is dragging their feet on this issue??
> Well, let me be sure, there are two issues here, the one is how to
> accomodate such contributions to the foundation.  I just talked to Andre
> about this and he's working on a framework for how to make such things
> clear, accounted for, and encouraged.  He'll have something to present
> soon, but that shouldn't stop you or anyone else from doing so beforehand.
> The other issue is Jabber, Inc. participation in the TM discussion and an
> understanding of where they stand on it.  All I know at this point is that
> they only just became aware of this <1 week ago, and there have been
> several discussions already, but there is some researching and
> lawyer-communication that have to happen first, all in the midst of some
> of the important people being or going on vacation.


Plus, the other major issue of membership (responsibilities, criteria, etc)

> I haven't yet seen anything I'd consider stalling, and if I do I'll be
> applying more pressure.  I think it's reasonable to give them at least
> another week to get a better understanding and start communicating in
> some official fashion.

I know I'm harping on this but I really think Jabber Inc needs to have
someone read the cluetrain manifesto and educate the correct people (its
online for free and the book is actually entertaining reading).  I don't
know if you need to agree with all of it (I don't), but most of the JSF
problems are so classically cluetrain that it would be funny if I didn't
care for Jabber so much.

The gist being, communication is key here.  Over communicate don't under
communicate.  Tell us what's happening.  Who's doing it, and why its
happening this way.  Even something trivial like, "sent issue to bob, he
said his fish was fine and he'd read emails today".  "Bob's fish is really
big, and he said over lunch that he's talking to lawyers today to discuss,
discussing about the issue".  "lawyers tried to eat Bob's fish, Bob
distracted them with money and set up a trademark meeting with them and
marketing tomorrow."  It doesn't need to be lengthy or detailed to be
valuable for keeping us in the loop...


btw- thanks Jer for stepping in and taking a hold of the reigns on this.

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