[Foundation] Jabber (TM) and Jabber, Inc. press releases

Mike Lin mikelin at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 21 18:21:18 CST 2002

So everyone take note of this.

Here is a blurb from Jabber, Inc.'s Bertelsmann press release: 

"About Jabber, Inc. 
Jabber, Inc. is the developer of the world's most widely used open
platform for..." 

And from today's Oracle 9i press release: 

"About Jabber, Inc. 
Jabber is the developer of the world's most widely used open flatform

Also, from the preceding paragraph: 

"Jabber is one of the first companies to integrate wireless Instant
Messaging using the robust, open APIs of Oracle 9i Application

If this change was intentional, I find it to be a disturbing development
in light of our recent discussion, and I ask Jabber, Inc. to (1) explain
this apparent change in the use of the Jabber term and (2) again, codify
a clear, explicit, and unambiguous policy for the use of the Jabber

Mike Lin 
Jabber Council 
mikelin at mit.edu
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