[Foundation] Jabber (TM) and Jabber, Inc. press releases

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Fri Mar 22 18:32:05 CST 2002

> If this change was intentional, I find it to be a disturbing development
> in light of our recent discussion, 

Hmm, yes, thanks for pointing this out, I didn't even notice the change.

> and I ask Jabber, Inc. to (1) explain this apparent change in the use
> of the Jabber term

I sent Don Bergal (VP of Marketing) this very question, and with his
permission I attached his response below.  It is simply a mistake, one
that Jabber, Inc. didn't even make apparently :)

> and (2) again, codify a clear, explicit, and unambiguous policy for
> the use of the Jabber term.

This is what I've asked of them as well, and as was discussed in the
foundation meeting this week, we will be hearing and finding out more next


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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:48:03 -0700
From: Don Bergal <DBergal at jabber.com>
To: Jeremie Miller <jeremie at jabber.org>
Subject: RE: Following up,

Jer - I found the difference you are referring to.  I have no idea why
this happened, and after checking around, neither does anyone else.

The boilerplate was changed by WEBB 2 weeks ago when they had to reflect
their new stock listing status.  WEBB is very sensitive to this
boilerplate text for investment community reasons, and thus provides my
group with approved boilerplate text prior to a press release.  It is my
guess that the removal of ",Inc."  was either an inadvertent omission or
else a reasonable attempt to make it read more smoothly.

>From your recent messages it appears that you are very concerned about
this change.  I hope this alleviates your concerns.  Thanks, Don

Don Bergal
VP of Marketing, Jabber, Inc.
dbergal at jabber.com

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Subject: Following up,

I'm hoping you can get back to me on this today yet, just a simple
question: It was pointed out that the latest press release was worded
differently, using "Jabber" to represent the company instead of "Jabber,
Inc."  Why did this happen?



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