[Foundation] Jabber (TM) and Jabber, Inc. press releases

Stephen Lee srlee at sltscommunications.net
Fri Mar 22 19:46:09 CST 2002

It would seem to me in the best interest of the foundation that you
should have brought this forward as Mike Lin did. For that matter any
council/board/member of the foundation that was aware of this should
have brought it forward although I guess it would not be in the interest
of employees/share holders etc. of Jabber inc. to point these things

Thanks Mike for bringing this to our attention, guess we should all
review the press releases from jabber inc. more often.

Guess we might find out more next week.


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They've been doing that for a while. Personally I have encouraged all
concerned (and have followed this recommendation when I write any copy
for the company) to always use "Jabber, Inc." when referring to the
company. However, not everyone sees it as I do.


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On 21 Mar 2002, Mike Lin wrote:

> So everyone take note of this.
> Here is a blurb from Jabber, Inc.'s Bertelsmann press release:
> "About Jabber, Inc.
> Jabber, Inc. is the developer of the world's most widely used open 
> platform for..."
> And from today's Oracle 9i press release:
> "About Jabber, Inc.
> Jabber is the developer of the world's most widely used open flatform 
> for..."
> Also, from the preceding paragraph:
> "Jabber is one of the first companies to integrate wireless Instant
> Messaging using the robust, open APIs of Oracle 9i Application 
> Server..."
> If this change was intentional, I find it to be a disturbing
> development in light of our recent discussion, and I ask Jabber, Inc. 
> to (1) explain this apparent change in the use of the Jabber term and 
> (2) again, codify a clear, explicit, and unambiguous policy for the 
> use of the Jabber term.
> Mike Lin
> Jabber Council
> mikelin at mit.edu

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