[Foundation] Jabber Usage Guidelines

Michael Bauer bauer at michaelbauer.com
Sat Mar 23 09:18:56 CST 2002

Regardles of the position of Jabber, Inc., I think it might be in the 
best interest of the Foundation to come up with a set of acceptable use 
guidelines for using the term Jabber in and of itself.  Brand names are 
adjectives, so one set of guidelines might be to advocate that people use 
the term Jabber as a secondary adjective for their primary brand name, 
like this:

The Persimmon Jabber Server 
The Papaya Jabber Client

Of course, there are a whole set of uses that can be proscribed.  
Traditionally, this even includes font and logos.  Of course, the 
Foundation isn't going to specify an official font, but it might specify 
things like if Jabber is going to be used in a stylized font, it has to 
stand alone and can't be distorted, like having the "e" in Jabber facing 

It would be interesting to see if there was some way to come up with a 
solution to this problem from the Foundation's perspective.  I think some 
guidelines would be useful to help insure the brand's integrity.  
Regardless, some kind of independent statement might be useful.

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