[Foundation] Draft Jabber Software Foundation Membership Qualification Requirements

Barry G. Lee bglee at sltscommunications.net
Thu Mar 28 13:08:05 CST 2002

Well done Harold
I would like to put forward two changes for consideration.
1: In the who is eligible section. Remove "nominated by an existing
member and then". If there is a membership committee, they will weed out
people who are simply joiners and no potential contribution to JSF. This
would not preclude recommendations from an existing member at time of
2: Replace the entire "Renewing your membership" with the following:
    "Continuing your membership
    Membership in the Jabber Software Foundation is ongoing as long as
the member stays active. An active member is one who does not miss three
consecutive votes in the Jabber Software Foundation. If the member
misses three consecutive votes, their membership in the jabber Software
Foundation will be automatically terminated. Former members may file a
new application for membership".
Note: The process for renewal as first suggested would be very time
consuming for a membership committee and by using the proposed change
would give participation to only active members. The membership
committee would be dealing only with new applications.

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I have completed the first draft of the membership requirements.  Please
find it on http://www.jabber.org/proposed/heg-idea.html for your review.
I took the basic text from Gnome and added some of our discussions to
I would like to see some constructive criticism, additions, etc.
Thanks for your assistance in helping us define such a policy.

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