[Foundation] A Brief History of Jabber

Michael Bauer bauer at michaelbauer.com
Fri May 17 18:52:04 CDT 2002

Hi.  I was writing a little article for someone about Jabber that called 
for a brief history of Jabber (and IM in general).  I did my best from 
memory and didn't put in any exact dates so I think it's OK (although I 
did need to gloss over the fact that Jeremie was only 2 when he started 
working on the protocol).  

This got me thinking and looking but didn't really find anything about the 
history of IM much less that of Jabber per se.  DJ has some in his book 
but there are no dates.  I wanted to whip out a little graphical timeline 
and thought I'd ask for some dates.  I'd like to include the inception of 
both commericial and open source efforts.  If you know have some dates and 
would like to contribute that'd be cool.  Thanks.

Michael Bauer        me at michaelbauer.com       http://www.michaelbauer.com

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