[Foundation] Jabber Advocacy Effort

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Fri May 31 13:11:50 CDT 2002

With the recent announcement by the DotGNU Steering Committee officially 
endorsing Jabber as a transport protocol equal with HTTP 
[http://www.jabber.org/news], I have updated my Jabber Advocacy Effort 
webpage [http://www.theoretic.com/?Jabber_Advocacy_Effort]. I'm now 
going to be focusing on the FreeCiv project [http://www.freeciv.org], 
with details on the page.

I'm also encouraging everyone who is also involved in Jabber advocacy to 
post to the webpage with the status of their own efforts, no matter how 
small an effort you may think it is. Even if it is something as internal 
as convincing your boss to adopt Jabber in some significant way, it is 
worthy for the page.

The website is a Wiki8, meaning anyone can come in and add or change 
stuff. Simply click the "Edit this Page" link near the top, following 
the "Formatting Rules" link for examples. Thanks  :)

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