[Foundation] tomorrow's discussion

Martin Lesser m-lesser at better-com.de
Fri Nov 8 00:20:58 CST 2002

Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> writes:

> So we could have an Asia meeting the same night (North America) as the
> main meeting, which would be mid-day for Asia, and wecould have a Europe
> meeting the next morning (North America) after the main meeting, which
> would be mid-day for Europe.
> Good compromise?

Hmmm. Not really. I for my part accepted the fact that the majority of
members is located in a US-timezone. So I will do my best to join the
meetings at 1800 UTC. Also with regional groups installed I would do
that: Meetings where I get informations from 1. hand are more helpful
than "recycled" discussions.

IMHO regional groups or discussionboards should only be installed for
local special themes (which I don't see at the moment).


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