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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Nov 27 16:46:34 CST 2002

> Although I perfectly see the interest of having a dynamic protocol to allow
> a server to discover at run time what services there is, and make it
> available to its client, I am affraid the disco protocol as it stands is far
> for being ready for prime time.

Could you please give some clear reasons as to why you think it is not ready
for prime time. Clearly, you have a different set of requirements in mind -
communicating those may reveal something that has not been addressed.

> In the end do we want a protocol extension that would allow anybody to build
> something on top of it, or do we want just a jabber2 compliant protocol ?

I wasn't talking about disco being jabberd2 specific - it certainly is
not. In fact, the conception of disco goes back to long before jabberd2
was begun.

What I was talking about was a simple internal protocol to move data
between the router and SM components of jabberd2.

Additionally, I note that (as I write this), my motion has received six
seconds, so this JEP will go to last call. Further discussion should
really go to standards-jig (which is why I'm posting it there and CCing
it to members@).

I also note that noone has been able to articulate a clear reason why
disco does not meet its stated requirements. The only real argument that
I've seen so far is from a couple of client authors who would prefer
that browse be incrementally updated to move towards providing the same
set of features as disco does.

(While I don't beleive that such a transition is possible, one of the
aforementioned articles claims that it is possible. There was a long
discussion[1] about this in jdev at c.j.o yesterday. One of the
aforementioned client authors has offered to document such a


[1] http://www.jabber.org/chatbot/logs/conference.jabber.org/jdev/2002-11-26.html, @17:27

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