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Stephen Lee srlee at myjabber.net
Tue Oct 8 18:44:26 CDT 2002

Unfortunately I have a meeting at this time tomorrow so will be unable
to attend, but I would like to open discussion on the following. 

After running the new Yahoo-t and trying to Help Paul Curtis debug it,
there were several clients that sent invalid XML (missing attributes,
empty tags etc.). 

To go along with the client compliancy and testing by the foundation, I
would also like to see something added to the server that would allow
the server to only allow connections from 'certified' clients or clients
that the server admin agrees to allow connection from.


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We will hold our regular weekly discussion tomorrow (Wed.) at 18:00 UTC.
Note that this is the old time we always used. 16:00 UTC turned out to
be rather unpopular with folks in North America and we didn't pick up
additional people from Europe at that time, so we're back to 18:00 UTC
(that's 2 Eastern, 1 Central, noon Mountain, 11 Pacific).

A proposed agenda is here:


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