[Foundation] discussion minutes

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Sep 12 10:29:40 CDT 2002

> > 5. We need a way of ranking Jabber software in terms of protocol
> > compliance, especially since things like the client list on the new site
> > will be directly imported from JabberStudio, and there is no guarantee
> > that such software even compiles, let alone complies with the protocol.
> > JSF Board member Tony Bamonti is working with Jabber Inc. to maybe use
> > their protocol tool.
> That would be nice.  I think this falls under the JabberPowered compliance
> discussions we had and tabled a while back.  Is it time to revisit?

Yes, I think it is. :) We've been discussing it somewhat on the Board list
(which is open for read-only subscriptions so that you can keep tabs on
the Board -- there's a link from http://www.jabber.org/lists.html). Given
the plethora of Jabber software, we need to start making quality
distinctions. IMHO, of course.


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