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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Sep 25 16:35:55 CDT 2002

BTW, I have posted a news item about this as well:


So far we have volunteers for Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. More
languages would be great! I have set up a special mailing list for this
project, so please join that if you are interested:



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> We will soon have a consistent set of documentation that can be translated
> into languages other than English. These documents cover "everything
> Jabber" and include end user help files, server admin howtos, developer
> guides, and protocol documents. They are not quite ready yet, but it would
> be great to have translation teams in place who can work on them when they
> are finished (about 2 weeks from now for most of the docs, with the final
> docs finished about 4 weeks from now, as well as ongoing maintenance). We
> already have a team ready to translate them into Spanish, and in the past
> I have talked with people who have translated Jabber docs into French,
> German, Russian, Italian, and Chinese. However, now I am asking for help
> with translating the entire set of documents into as many languages as
> possible (or a subset of docs if we can't find a full team of translators
> for some languages). We have never done this before but I think it would
> really help developers, server admins, and users all over the world. Of
> coruse, because we have never done this I'm sure that there are things we
> will learn and processes that we can improve, but I think it's time to
> try.
> If you are interested in translating docs or leading a translation team
> for a specific language, please contact me directly (off-list) by sending
> an email or Jabber message to stpeter at jabber.org.
> Thanks for your help!
> Peter
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