[Foundation] membership, money, and meritocracy

johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Thu Apr 3 14:09:04 CST 2003

in response to Peter's suggestion:

Please read this

On 1 Apr 2003 at 22:05, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> In order to thrive, the JSF needs two things:
> 1. Active contributors to key projects and initiatives
> 2. Enough money to pursue important opportunities
> We never seem to have enough of either, but that's the nature of
> open source. JSF Chairman Michael Bauer and I have been working on
> recruiting more sponsors for the JSF, but in these times of economic
> uncertainty it's not easy. In addition, leaders of Jabber projects 
> are always looking to recruit active developers, but it's hard to
> find strong contributors -- even those who volunteer often become very
> quiet when they realize that they need to commit some of their time.
> (I'm not judging: making a contribution is not for everyone.)

Well, you are right :)
contribution is not for evry one.

> 1. Charge representatives of commercial entities some modest yearly ...
> 2....

I am sorry to say so but your proposal sounds very "commercial" anyway.

Well, my very personal problem is this.
In my spare time i write a Jabber Client, just for me an any people that like it 
and want to use it. It has no commercial background, I even do not study 
something like this. I study medicin and do coding just for hobby. Whatever I 
will NEVER make my app (that is completely my own work) a full GPL open 
source project. It is my property and i will not donate it completely to world. I 
just want to be in control of it.

I am quite sure that there are more ppl thinking like this.

A fee like 200$ would simply STOP me to join the JSF just because i would 
never earn such money with my client. And I wont accept to make it open 
source. In fact this would stop many of the free client developers for example

Skabber (my own)
and probably some others.

Whatever our non open source and not very commercial clients are also part of 
the Jabber world and I think we deserve influence on the Jabber Protocol and 
stuff as same as the other two parties. 

Paractically it is probably not possibel to distinguish between really 
commercials and those hobby "commercial" non open source developers.
I also don't want newcommers to get excluded just because they don't want 
their app becoming open source.

One of the important things of the JSF is that it decides about protocol and 
stuff that is important for all JABBER CONTRIBUTORS in any way...

Of course I can understand that some of the more active contributors are 
disapointed that there are so many "ideling" ppl around.

I am sorry that i cant contribute to the JSF more. But the thing is: If i would be 
very active in the JSF I could not write a client at the same time. It makes 
sense for me to participate at the point when it seems to become important for 
my own project but i really can not contribute to each question... JEP! As yours 
my time is limited, I am studiing, I am doing my Doktorarbeit	24h the d. And 
only when i have some spare time i write some wxSkabber source

I hope this will be considered when you are setting up some new modifications 
at the JSF.

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